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Forget the gurus….

There we go, we’ve said it. It’s out there. Forget the so called “gurus”.

Gurus just cost you money with little return. They’re the agencies and individuals that give you confusing jargon and expect a long term retainer contract then sadly forget to care about you, your business and worse…. under perform.

The Search Marketing Consultancy is different. We offer transparent packages linked to clear goals and targets.

We generate leads that provide you with an instant ROI and your sales team will love.

All you have to do is click the Get Started button. 


Attract your ideal clients….

Become the answer to your ideal client’s questions, be the solution to their problems.

Marketing has become so sales message orientated that people are literally sick and tired of being saturated by “buy now, buy quick, your time is running out” sales talk and are fed up with businesses that don’t make an effort to connect with them and value their custom.

The world has changed and we are all subjected to hundreds and sometimes thousands of marketing messages each and every day.

So how do you compete? How do you intend to be seen and stand out from all the rest?

We’re here to help you do just that. Stand out from the crowd.

All you have to do is click the Get Started button. 


Searchable vs Discoverable

“You’re not being found, we’ll fix that…”


Being searchable is great for customers and clients who already know who you are.

They already know your business, your name, your services or products, your staff etc. They might have already used you or your business might have been recommended to them.

These people will either type your business name or your personal name into a search engine like Google. If you are searchable (and have an online presence) you should show up.

Being found this way is easy. People already know you are there.


Being discoverable takes time, hard work and effort – a lot of effort.

Discoverability is the art of aligning your online presence and advertising so that people find you when they are looking for answers to their questions.

It is very important that your online presence matches where your audience hang out. To connect with them, you need to hang out there too!

Being discoverable means that people who don’t know you, don’t know your business name, your services or reputation are able to discover you by entering search terms, keywords, questions or sentences into a search engine.

They have a problem and they are looking for a solution.

They have a question and they are looking for an answer.

To be discoverable you must be their solution and their answer.

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